There was a screening of some videos from ng-conf which took place about 10 days ago somewhere in US :) We have - with Mojzis - prepaired few words to kick off a discussion after the screening and I have added some extra code related to one of those videos.

The code was about how to count ng-related stuff visually. So if you want to see where are your ng-clicks, .ng-bindings etc you can see where they are and how many of them are there. And because my little css snippet which enable it, had quite some positive feedback I turned it (just after the screening) into a chrome extension.

ng-everything chrome extension

ng-everything in action

download it and modify it here:

And install instructions are over here:

  • unzip the file in a place where it will stay forever
  • in google chrome opens settings -> extensions
  • click on ‘load unpacked extension’ and select the folder where you unpacked the stuff
  • once you can see an “ng” icon among other extension icons (in chromes bar) you will active it by clicking on it