Recently two of us attended a conference Devel 2015 and we would like to share with you our impressions. Talks were touching wide range of topics and thoughts. Some of them weren’t really talks but pure angular hates and some of them were - guess what! Mutually exclusive. But that is the point of talks. They should show us possible ways, not give us ultimate recipe how to develop our applications.

Reason why we had to wake up so early on Saturday. Even our uncle Bob!

Gaming industry. Is there anything else you want to know? Guys and toys. Milos Enderle from Geewa took the audience through lifecycle of online game development, including path they took during development and production of Pool live tour, their ultimate hit (2 and half million users per day). We went through all the drawbacks of this business where one hit does not mean anything.

Let’s deal with all the heads of web apis!

Next talk was about Integromat -> service which goal is nothing less than integrate the universe of different services through the web APIs. Jakub Mrozek from Integrators spoke about problems with node.js and incompatible APIs (even APIs developed by companies who are running the services) and about need of developing their own connectors, maybe with less functionality but with core functionality they really need as it is usually core functionality of product and that does not change that often). And guess what! We spoke about need of real testing your applications against real APIs of 3rd parties you are connected too. Sounds reasonable, right? And who is doing that? :)

Guess who had most controversial presentation from all?

Next talk had really promising subject ‘The end of great Schizm’ with subtitle ‘Technologies which will became mainstream for another 5 years minimum’. Dan Steigerwald spoke about his framework Este.js which consist of full web stack of laser pointed libraries you should use for development (including jest, React.js,, immutable.js and many others). I believe Dan is excellent speaker and his session was full of Angular hates for good reason. At least he made us think about giving a shot to explore Este.js.

How not to burn when using Ember.js for first time?

We had nice introduction to Ember.js Viliam Elischer from Zoom International where we went through key concepts of work with framework (from naming conventions through various components of languages). Whole presentation can be found here.

Is ORM something we should blindly use?

Wohoo! Next talk topic is more backendish! Jirka Knesl came with nice presentation. And what is the topic? Nothing more complex than ORM vs. pure SQL. We spoke about when use/when not to use ORM (as you probably knows, ORM layer can be good friend, but when it comes to performance it can became a nightmare). To sum this presentation up - When you need to perform something more complex on dataset, it’s worth to think about native SQL better than lose your hair when thinking about how (and if it’s even possible) to find a solution with some of ORM framework. You might be paying lot of money for complex Oracle database and you’re not using all the benefits of it as your ORM framework does not support it. Seems like legit reason for SQL.

Boxes, boxes everywhere!

And lets jump back to something more frontendish for while. Revolution in css3 author of this article was not aware of. Flexbox by Martin Michalek (you can pre-order book, author said it’s 80% done!) So briefly, as you can go through Martins website by yourself. What is flexbox? It’s new way how to make layouts for your pages. Bye bye, tables.. It’s not supposed to be used as page layout modul, it is more like system for single parts of page but of course it can be used (and it will be) for making complete layouts. I hope our frond-end gurus will spread knowledge also to us in some INDEED session.

How to treat big data?

Jirka Sedlacek from Intelimedix spoke about Gearman and ZeroMQ and how they force them to work together when dealing with big data. Quite complex talk about messaging systems and data processing. Were you aware of ZeroMQ author is a guy from Slovakia? I was not. And what is Gearman? Gearman is a manager tool who simply distributes work to his workers. And who is ZeroMQ? That’s the guy who’s trying to deliver your messages faster than Czech post office :)

HSTS, do you know what that mean?

No? You should really pay attention to this. Do you really want to feel secure when browsing via web? Yes? Do you think https is ultimate weapon for your security? No? You’re right. You should know term HSTS HTTP Strict Transport Security. Basically HSTS is a way how to prevent cheeky man in the middle to catch and use it against user. Do you want to read a bit more about HSTS (with pictures and examples)? Let’s check Michal Spaceks presentation here. Did you know browsers support HSTS on application level? No? Then you should have a look at pre-load list so browser is aware of you trying to build safe website in advance.

Docker, hype technology we really like.

As we had wonderful Indeed session about two complementary technologies, Vagrant and Docker recently I’m not going to repeat presentation from Apiarys member Lada Prskavec. We all have an idea why and when we can use it (and also we now it’s terribly slow at Macbook air! :).

From monolith to microservices, path we really want to conquer. But is it worth?

“I see you have a poorly structured monolith. Would you like me to convert it into a poorly structured set of microservices?” that was a first slide of Peter Cipov presentation. This presentation took us through one of the hardest decision dev team are facing. Is it really worth to break your application to bunch of micro services? Valuable lesson is we should be fully aware of all the consequences like how to handle messages between micro services, concurrency.. and so on.

Hardware startup - Completely new universe for software engineers.

On of the most inspiring speaker Patrick Zandl known not only from Energomonitor spoke about hard way how to produce hard-ware. We’re went through whole process of creating prototype to first batches of product made in China to life lesson ‘you should be aware of China before moving your business there’ :)

WebGL and library inspired by our president at the end

Last full length talk was about very interesting area of graphics. WebGL technology that can force your graphic card work on graphic as it can handle it much better than processor. Presentation was made by Ondra Zara from ( if you are interested in possibilities WebGL brings for browser graphics, you should check small library Ondra made for us (catchy name included). Whole presentation can be found here.

Is that all, folks?

No, we got also chance to listen to ignite talks to various topics (FTP deployment, how to not use xml for programming, how different companies handle development process and many others)

I hope at least some technologies mentioned in this article were new for you and you’ll take a look at them. There is plenty of topics for upcoming indeed sessions, so don’t hesitate and pick one of them. See you on next devel!