Let’s move the Java world … with JZ, Boris and Bob. Three JVM positive developers there and back again

We took a train and bus and tram and after 6+ hours we were in Kazimierz district, waiting for keys to our apartment. First problem : booking.com said three bedrooms but we are only able to find two. …I’m very sorry, there’s an old description on booking.com, I’m very sorry … yes, we are fully booked. Well at least there were enough beds. JZ volunteered to sleep in the living room, but we drew straws (or rather public transportation tickets, one marked with P as “pech”). You may guess now … yes, JZ drew the marked one. Anyway, let’s go to sleep, see you tomorrow.

If you don’t want to read all the text below, at least check our tweets from the conference : https://twitter.com/cndevelopers

####Day 1

We woke up early (very, very early to my standards) and the landlord offered us a ride to the GeeCON venue on the outskirts of Krakow (he had a bad conscience because he arrived late to pick up payment for the hotel).

So, there we were, in front of the Multikino Krakow. And there were queues and breakfast and an opening keynote . While the content was interesting, the speech itself was not very good. The second keynote from Jonas Bonér was much better and because I’m ignorant it took me a while to realize that he is the inventor of the Akka framework. He talked about concept of time in complex distributed systems and “present” as facts derived from the merging of multiple concurrent pasts.

Then we, the three musketeers, split our ways and run to some of the five parallel talks (in five different rooms). My selection was:
Nicolas Fränkel - Cargo Culting and Memes in Java
Peter Van de Voorde - The 7 Evil (Er Agile) Skills you need to Succeed.
Adam Warski - Implementing the Reactive Manifesto with Akka
Paul Klipp - Improve your communication skills dramatically without saying a word
Heiko Seeberger - Reactive Apps with Akka and AngularJS

With a full head and tired mind we set off to the apartment, rested a bit went for a stroll trough the city. …Rynek Główny, Wawel, Wisła, JZ and a dragon …we ended up in Pod Wawelem restaurant which surprisingly is “pod Wawelem”, below Wawel. Śledźe, żurek, zupa z leśnych grzybów just to start, Sznycel olbrzym, placek po zbójnicku z najlepszą wołowiną, Dorada z pieca ze świeżą salsą pomidorową to finish.

Day 2

I insisted to prepare a breakfast for the guys (scrambled eggs ala Gordon Ramsay) so I had to wake up again early. Very early.

This time we took public transportation and arrived precisely for the first coffee break. And now for some talks.
Fred George - Challenges in Implementing MicroServices
Andrii Dzynia - Quality Built In @ Spotify
Sam Newman - Principles Of Microservices
Darek Kaczyński - Spring Rebooted
Grant Ingersoll - Understanding what’s important

Again, because I’m ignorant, only after Sam Newman showed a cover of a book he wrote (Building Microservices) I realized that I had bought that book a week before. The talk was excellent and inspired me a lot. Spring Rebooted was also good, I felt ashamed I didn’t know a lot about Spring and Spring Cloud.

And off we went to buy a flipper, because Boris promised us pancakes for breakfast and the apartment was not equipped very well. We found some flippers but all for very unreasonable price.

Day 3

Boris keeps promises and using just glass vase, table knife, coffee mug and a questionable pan he prepared perfect pancakes. Again we took public transportation, but this time if was a different route with a special unintended detour (c) Bob.

It must be said that last day was not as good as previous days, I didn’t manage to see a good talk. At least JZ and Boris had more luck. I must confess that during Ratpack 101 talk, I fixed a bug in our team dashboard. Unfortunately we didn’t see the closing keynote because we had to catch a bus. And another bus and train and bus and metro and bus. A just before midnight, I was home.